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SOUR EGO formed from the ashes of different bands in early 2002 when two brothers (Liam and Sean Wright) decided to make a band themselves. At that time the band was named 'BODYPIT' with members consisting of Sean Wright (Guitar) Michael Fitzsimons'Fitzy' (Guitar/Vocals) Danny Conlan (Bass) and Liam Wright (Drums). They had odd jammin sessions at practice rooms, then thought it sounded pretty good together. They then started playing a few gigs supporting bands in the Tyne And Wear area. They then started to write their own music and lyrics which they thought sounded pretty good. With the songs wrote and the cover songs they were playing, they were allright but somthing was wrong! One day at a practice they had at 'stable sounds' in fellgate Liam and Danny thought Fitzy couldn't sing the cover songs that well, and he was a bit stuck singing the lyrics. So danny asked Sean to sing and as he did Danny said 'Thats it, thats what was missing! a decent vocalist'. All of the band agreed with Sean Wright doing duties on Vocals and Fitzy just playing lead guitar. They were happy with the band as it stood but 'BODYPIT' still needed something else.
BODYPIT were then practicing nearly every weekend in dannys house as they turned his garage attik in to a practice room.
They practiced week after week, but still something was missing. They then decided to change their band name and the final decision they came up with was 'SOUR EGO', and has stuck from then on. The band then decided to recruit a second Guitarist 'Ollie Clarkson', after trying out several others. The band is now happily writing new songs and playing gigs in the Newcastle area. And who knows what lies ahead for this young talented 5 piece rock outfit which is 'SOUR EGO'.